Texas Career Check

Texas Career Check is an exploration tool built for students to research different Careers and Schools. This system provides an intuitive way to look for information and descriptions on occupations and schools that the student may be interested in. This tool brings together a wealth of information from various sources maintained by different entities. While these independent entities are informative on their own, they are usually difficult to navigate and the required data is hard to find. Texas Career Check relieves this issue with an easy to navigate website. 

Texas Career Check includes a variety of Career and Education resources, including:

  • Interest Profiler - A fun activity to do before exploring the world of work. Take a few minutes to answer 60 questions to identify occupations relevant to your likes and interests. Your results will lead you to a list of occupations for you to explore.
  • Pop-a-Job - Students solve randomly selected occupation title puzzles, exposing them to new and interesting careers.  
  • Programs of Study - Students can explore programs to learn more about the related occupations and schools.
  • High School Graduation Plan - This tool allows Counselors to collect vital student information on dynamic PDF forms that track coursework, endorsement selections and progress, STARR performance, College Readiness, and more. Documents can be saved for each student, and they remain dynamic even after saving.