Regional Economic and Workforce Study

Office of Economic Adjustment Grant

Red River Army Depot (RRAD) is the largest employer in the Northeast Texas workforce region. Reductions in defense spending have resulted in workforce reductions across the country. In response to the defense industry workforce reductions in the RRAD region, Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas applied for a grant from the Office of Economic Adjustment. The Board was awarded a “Defense Industry Adjustment” grant in the amount of $517,469. A matching funds total of %10 required prior to application, was overwhelmingly met by contributions from organizations across the region. The OEA grant will be used to conduct a workforce and economic study of the region impacted by RRAD. This information will be used to develop a plan of action focusing on workforce retention and long-term economic growth in the region.

Workforce and Economic Study

Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas released a Request for Proposal to search for a consulting firm to provide the desired study and action plan. Several proposals were received and scored both internally by Board staff, as well as externally by a number of community stakeholders. TIP Strategies ( of Austin, TX was selected by both groups. TIP Strategies was awarded the contract, which began in February and is set to conclude in August 2014. Tom Stellman, President/CEO, and Alex Cooke, Senior Consultant, have visited the region several times over the past 4 months to meet with various focus groups. These meetings have provided TIP Strategies with the information they need to begin the development of the “Workforce Retention and Economic Growth Strategy”.

Final Reports:

The Regional Talent Retention and Economic Growth Strategy, prepared by TIP Strategies, outlines a strategic plan focused on retaining the region's workforce and enhancing economic development efforts. Volume 1 contains the narrative of the strategic plan, and volume 2 contains much of the data and analysis used in the plan's development.

Regional Talent Retention and Economic Growth Strategy: Volume 1

Regional Talent Retention and Economic Growth Strategy: Volume 2

The Strategic Implementation Plan, created by Future IQ Partners, identifies action items focused on advancing the ideals outlined in the strategic plan.

Strategic Implementation Plan