Request A Transfer

The CCS Team can help you choose a child care provider who is right for you and your child. We understand that transferring to a new provider is sometimes needed, but it is our goal to prevent unnecessary transfers and to stabilize children in consistent child care settings. Keeping children and caregivers together is good for the emotional and social development of your child. Over time, relationships with caregivers help children feel safe and secure, help them to build friendships, and make it easier for children to say goodbye every morning to the ones he or she loves. Your request for transferring to a different child care provider must be approved by the CCS Team.

Transfers to a new center require a 2 week wait with the exception of centers on Licensing Corrective Action, the child was asked not to return by the provider, or if the center closes without notifying CCS in advance. Please contact our office if you have questions. 

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