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LEAP Youth Career Expo
The Learning Endorsements and Professions (LEAP) Expo provides area 8th grade students with the opportunity to speak with local professionals and gain a better understanding of career pathways.  The LEAP Expo features local employers from a wide variety of industries, non-profits, education and training providers, and Career/Technical Education programs from local high schools.  Students are encouraged to engage with exhibitors and use the opportunity to expand their knowledge of local careers.  Students will use this knowledge as they select a high school Endorsement and other career related decisions in the coming years.  

Students will have a chance to speak with several local employers and training organizations.  The event will be separated into 4 sections, each highlighting a different endorsement area.  Students should also come prepared to engage with employers by asking questions.  Students will have an opportunity to win a prize by talking with employers in each section. 

This event features interactive exhibitors focused on educating students about opportunities in their organization. This is an excellent opportunity for students to engage with employers, post-secondary schools, and organizations to help them prepare for their future. The event also features student organizations and programs (ex: robotics, culinary, agriculture, votech, etc.). 

Schools will receive a personalized invitation to the LEAP Expo.  If you have any questions please contact Sandra Shingleur at or 903-794-9490 ext 506