Employer Profiles

In partnership with employers across the region, Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas designed the Employer Profiles booklet for area school districts and students. Middle school and high school students will discover valuable information about local employers and careers. Each employer profile was created to help students gain a better understanding of the local job market as they learn more about careers or prepare to enter the workforce.  Please take a minute to review the information below on the details of the employer profiles. 

  • Local Employers:  Each employer listed in this booklet is located in Northeast Texas or Southwest Arkansas.  Some may have multiple locations within the region, state, and country, or even international locations.  
  • Entry-Level Career and Career Advancement Opportunities:  Each employer profile contains at least one entry-level career and one career advancement opportunity.  
  • Wage Ranges:  Each occupation listed in this booklet has a wage range identified by the employer.  These wage ranges should be used as a guide and not an exact amount.  Occupation wages can change over time and can vary based on a job seeker’s experience, education/training, job responsibilities, and work schedule. 
  • Technical Skills and Education/Training Requirements:  Skills and education requirements vary significantly between career levels and industries.  
  • Job Opening Frequency:  As a new graduate entering the workforce, you might be wondering how often a particular job is available within a company.  This section should give you a better understanding of the frequency of job openings. 
  • Soft Skills:  In addition to the technical skills required to be successful in a career, soft skills are equally important.  Soft skills include a variety of things like teamwork, communications, adaptability, work ethic, punctuality, and time management, among others.  
  • Employer Advice:  Finally, we asked each employer to offer a piece of advice for students exploring career options or planning to enter the workforce.  See words of advice from the employers and consider what that means to you as you begin to explore local career options.  

Click on the image below to view the 2019-2020 Employer Profiles e-book. 

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