Career and Education Pathways Initiative

Workforce Solutions Northeast Texas is proud to be a member of the Texas Regional Pathways Network Grant for Regional Conveners. The efforts of the pathways network and regional convener designation aligns with the goals of the Tri-Agency Workforce Initiative.  As a region, we will continue to align community, industry, and training resources to empower area students in their pursuit of career opportunities.  As part of the pathways network, the Board will also provide a toolbox of resources for students, educators, and employers to strengthen pathways in Northeast Texas.  

What is a Pathway? 

A Career Pathways System is about the coordination of people and resources. Within education, this includes aligning  K–12 and postsecondary education systems and, in particular, the career and technical education services provided within and across program providers.  The pathway also involves input and support from area employers, economic development, workforce development, and other non profit organizations.  Pathways are designed to prepare students to progress to the next level of employment and/or education.  Career pathways target jobs in industries of importance to local and regional economies.

Seven Components of Effective Pathways

Domains of the TRPN 

  • Regional Alignment - Convene cross-sector partnerships to provide support for grant objectives 
  • Regional Pathways - Identify and develop career pathways to provide qualified workers for area employers 
  • Regional Work-Based Learning - Grow the use of work-based learning as method for students to gain experience and employers to attract qualified workers
  • Regional Data and Communication - Develop data collection and sharing strategies to highlight impacts of the regional pathways program